I don't like this article

This is an article I came across on LAI’s site – they are an events company out of Washington, DC.

3 Reasons Millennials Aren’t Coming to Your Meeting & What to Do About It – click to read

After reading this article, I was left wondering what was important here, and why it bothered me so.

Notable lines -“Millenials care about giving back, where their purchases go, and more and more social good initiatives. – Millennials are children of Boomers who want to be taken seriously, – Are you asking the millennials in your company what they want from their employer?”

What bothers me here is the generalized segregation created. This seems to be a habit now days, to give a segment of the populations a label, then attaching a list of assumptions about their behaviors, wants and habits. When I was a young adult, we just called them young adults. I never liked the term Boomers and Generation X was a good read, but is probably to blame for this need to departmentalize one generation from the next.

Why does this bother me?

We are taught in this business, not to make assumptions… about anything, or anyone. In taking this approach, we ask a lot of questions and are constantly surprised and inspired by our clients; the way they view their cultures, their goals and the people they work with. No group of people are the same, no company, no organization, no family. The more we believe that, the more questions we ask and the more creative and on message our projects become. Period.