Finding the Right Keynote Speaker

I was put to task finding the right keynote speaker for our annual. Last year we made the mistake of having our Marketing Lead present his thoughts; he was always so funny in our Monday morning meetings. He froze. Stuck his head in the water and blew bubbles for fifteen minutes. There was no punchline. We had an early lunch and most of us slept through Financials and Acquisitions .

This year we decided we need someone famous. Donald and Daffy were beyond our budget so we looked locally. Though not “famous” Mary Ginger was well known and thought quite inspiring to the up-and-comers around the barn. It was said she could count and do basic math.

We told her beforehand of our intention to better integrate with the other barn animals and so she fastened her talk around issues pertaining to just that. In the end we were convinced. We would certainly not be integrating with the other barn animals. Her stories about the humans were horrific to say the least; though not without humor. In the end we gained an appreciation for our freedom and a deep sympathy for Mary and her family. In a word her talk was “Moow-ving”.

Just a note on catering – do not order the french pate… please.